Puppy Application

Copy and paste the application below along with your answers into an e-mail to [email protected], or simply call us at 828-275-2226. We are happy to talk with you in person.

Please be sure the questions are answered by the person who will be spending the most time with the puppy.

Your name:
City and State:
Phone Number:

1)      Have you ever raised a puppy before?

2)     Have you ever owned a German Shepherd (GSD) before (not counting a dog you grew up with as a child)? If not, have you ever owned any dog before? If yes, what kind?

3)     If so, did you train the dog?  What kind of training methods were employed? (i.e. treat training, clicker training, traditional leash and collar training, etc.)  If not, what kind of training method would you use on a future dog?

4)   Can you envision yourself giving a collar correction (pop on the leash attached to a training collar such as a chain collar, aka a choker chain, etc.)? If not, how would you correct a dog?

5)  How are you planning on socializing the puppy?

6)  How many hours per day will the puppy be home alone at your home? Who will be home most with the dog?

7)   Do you have any children living in the home?  If so, how many and what ages? Do you have any other animals in your home? What kind and how many?

8)  Are you looking for an inside or outside dog?

9)   Where do you envision the puppy sleeping?  (i.e. in the basement, the bedroom, the garage, etc.)

10)   Do you own or rent your home?

Any additional comments you may have: